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Australian Rohloff Distributor

PureSports Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor for all Rohloff products and servicing in Australia. Product, spares and tools are sold through a comprehensive Rohloff retail network across the. Please 'Contact' us so we can best advise you of the preferred Rohloff retailer nearest to you.

We are the authorised Rohloff service centre for Australia. Trained by Rohloff AG in Germany, we carry out all warranty work, service work and repair assessments... together with our trained and selected Rohloff service centres and bike shops around the country.

Rohloff eBike and eMtb Conversions

With the introduction of eBikes, these new technology owners are quickly learning that their drive-trains wear at far greater rate than human-powered bicycles have ever done in the past. Chainrings, derailleurs, cassettes and chains struggle to withstand the mechanical torques and abuse delivered by an electric motor.

Rohloff Australia and our retailers have successfully completed many Rohloff converted drive-trains on both eBikes and eMtbs. 

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