Jeremy Scott's Story and his book... The Long Road from a Broken Heart

BIOGRAPHY OF JEREMY SCOTT (Round the World Cyclist)


As a four year old child in 1977, Jeremy Scott lay in an Auckland hospital bed awaiting life-saving open heart surgery. His cardiologist was the renowned Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes and the procedure turned out to be a huge success. Thirty four years after this surgery, Jeremy was healthy and happy but knew in his heart that he needed a challenge. That challenge came in the shape of a 51,916km bicycle ride from Britain to New Zealand.

Cycling solo, without sponsorship or the benefit of a support crew, Jeremy pedalled through 29 countries on his ride from London to Auckland.


Temperatures in the saddle ranged from 20ºC below freezing in the Turkish mountains, to being over 50ºC in the sweltering deserts of Western China. Wild dogs, wolves, bears and crocodiles ensured there were many restless nights camping in the wild, while snow blizzards, sandstorms, floods and typhoons provided a constant reminder of how insignificant we are in the big picture.

Jeremy was forced to fight a shepherd in Uzbekistan who tried to steal his camera. He had guns waved in his face during an interrogation by the Iranian military who genuinely believed he was a spy. Jeremy had two separate encounters with Iranian and Filipino Mafia where he found himself with no option but to plot how many people he needed to kill for his own survival, which thankfully turned out to be none. Clearly, this wasn’t a journey for the faint hearted.

Two years and seven months after his departure from London, his epic challenge came to an emotional conclusion in his hometown of Auckland. This journey highlights what anyone can achieve with a little self-belief and the courage to chase a dream.

At the conclusion of the journey, Jeremy wrote his first book ‘The Long Road From a Broken Heart’.

He actively supports numerous charities including The Heart Foundations of Australia, New Zealand and Britain. To date, Jeremy has raised $50,000 to support their cause.

Jeremy is a recipient of the Australian Heart Foundation 'Heart Hero Award' and an Ambassador for Waterline Challenge.

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