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It is often something quite simple if your Rohloff Speedhub starts skipping gears, or the gears are not engaging properly. We have included a number of common issues and the respective causes/fixes below. Please read these "Possible Causes" first, before you contact a Rohloff service centre - as in most cases the fix is very simple.

Click here to access the Rohloff "Frequently Asked Questions" page.


After a gear oil change

1. Possible Cause: Gearbox oil too thick

  • Carry out an oil change with an intensive rinsing,

see Owners Manual "Service" 1

2. Possible Cause: Riding in temperatures below -15°C

  • Rinse the SPEEDHUB intensively and fill with a mixture of 50& All Season Oil and 50% Cleaning Oil

see Owners Manual "Service" .

Rohloff Australia FAQ - GEAR CHANGING, LOSS, SKIPPING AND SLIPPAGE, gear skipping, drive loss, Rohloff Australia service repairs warranty


3. Possible Cause: SPEEDHUB 500/14 axle over-tightened

(tightening your axle too tight into the frame may cause damage to the Speedhub's internal components)

  • CC (quick-release) axles using a security skewer max. 7Nm.
  • TS (threaded axle) axle nuts max. torque 35Nm


4. Possible Cause: Oil drain screw inserted too deep

(this may place pressure upon internal transmission components, the oil drain screw should never be screwed below the shell surface)

  • Refit so the top of the oil drain screw is no lower than flush with the outside hub-shell surface. Preferably 1mm above the shell.


5. Possible Cause: One or two freewheel springs are missing?

  • there are 2 very small freewheel springs that can easily fall out if the internal/or external gearmech is removed during axle plate adjustment or servicing. The 2 springs must be installed and seated correctly see Owners Manual "Repairs" 1.1 and "Service" 5.3.

6. Possible Cause: Worn chain, sprockets or jockey wheels 

  • When the drive train is worn, or a new chain for example is fitted to old sprockets/chain rings - the chain can jump over the teeth causing loss of drive and perceived gear issues. This typically happens under load when climbing hills or pedalling with greater force then steady cycling. For this reason, it is very important that all bicycle transmission (drive train) components are regularly inspected and replaced where necessary to ensure the safe use of the bicycle and minimise injury and component damage.

7. Possible Cause: Shifting from Gears #7 to #8 jumps to gear #14

  • this is a normal and known "operational quirk" with the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14. It is caused when the rider is still pedalling with some force (or changes very slowly) when making the change from #7 to #8, or back from #8 to #7. Like all Rohloff Speedhub gear changes, you should not pedal with any significant force whilst changing gears - after a little time this action become a natural, speedy and unconscious movement. The force used pedalling when changing gears, the harder it will become to change gears.  


If gear freewheeling or gear change issues persist and cannot be resolved, you will need contact your local Rohloff bicycle shop for further diagnosis and repair where necessary.


If you believe you have a problem oil leak and need this repaired, either under warranty or not, please complete this form (click here) and email this back to PureSports or your local Rohloff bike shop.

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