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Splined Sprockets & Splined Carrier


Older threaded sprockets will remain compatible with newer SPEEDHUBs simply by removing the splined carrier (#8540) and sprocket from the driver. Easy sprocket replacement and eliminates the need for large, heavy tools. Symmetrical splined sprocket design retains
the sprockets reversible feature. Greater choice of sprocket sizes with 13T, 14T, 15T, 16T, 17T, 18T, 19T and 21T available.

All Rohloff Splined Sprockets are reversible and constructed to offer a 57mm chainline. A special, 'Slim' splined sprocket carrier is available for applications where use of the wider chainline is not possible due to rubbing. The 'Splined Carrier S' (#8540S) creates an optional 55mm chainline. The Splined Carrier S cannot be used in conjunction with 13 or 14 tooth splined sprockets. Only 15-19 and 21 tooth sprockets are authorized for use with this slim carrier.

(click here to see complete details of the Rohloff Splined Sprockets now available)

Flanged Support Rings

The Rohloff Flanged Support Rings can be fitted to the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 Speedhubs. The Flanged Support Rings should be fitted to each Speedhub flange before lacing wheels that will be used for use extreme conditions. Well-suited to heavily loaded Touring bikes, Tandem and Cargo bikes. The Flanged Support Ring upgrade should always be fitted when re-lacing a wheel following a flange failure. These rings prevent total loss of all spoke tension even in the event of a Speedhub aluminum flange failure.

The SPEEDHUB 500/14 shell has recently been resigned and the flanges have increased in size and strength, and therefore you must refer the respective serial numbers whether two identical or different rings need to be purchased and mounted (to suit your Speedhub).


(click here to see complete details and Speedhub serial numbers for proper selection)

SPEEDHUB A12 (for 12mm thru axle frames)

The new A12 SPEEDHUB axle system enables customers to install a custom adapted SPEEDHUB 500/14 in frames designed for 12mm thru-axle hubs. The 'standard' A12 SPEEDHUB models are designed with a 142mm O.L.D.. Installation can only be guaranteed after the special dropout measurement process using our A12 Measurement Kit, available on loan to local bike shops. This additional step is unfortunately critical to ensure we supply the correct custom machined reduction sleeves and spacers (adapters) required for the safe integration of the SPEEDHUB 500/14 into a thru-axle frame.

Technical Specifications and further information - SPEEDHUB A12-142mm

Technical Specifications and further information - SPEEDHUB A12-148mm

Technical Specifications and further information - SPEEDHUB XXL A12-197mm

Note: existing 135mm SPEEDHUB models cannot be converted to the new A12 axle system.

Post Mount Bone (PM-PM Adapter)

The new Post Mount (PM) Bone enables a SPEEDHUB, fitted with a PM axleplate, to anchor its output torque to a frame equipped with Postmount direct brake mount. This torque anchoring system can only be used on 135mm, 142mm, 170mm and 177mm spaced frames with a direct mount for 160mm or 180mm brake rotors.

The PM Bone Is mounted between the brake caliper and the frame itself. As such, the PM Bone acts as a +20mm adapter and thus will require a 20mm larger brake rotor. Example:


  • PM Frames designed for 160mm rotors require 180mm rotor when using the PM Bone

  • PM Frames designed for 180mm rotors require 203mm rotor when using the PM Bone

  • PM Frames designed for 203mm brake rotors are not compatible with the PM Bone


(click here to see complete details of the new Post Mount axle plates/bones)

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