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Ipswich Grammar School's human powered vehicle (HPV) 24-hour race entry in 2015, using a Rohloff Speedhub. The video was produced, owned and is copyright by Ipswich Grammar School.


24 hours is a long time to be continuously subjecting hardware to racing pressures.  We combined the efforts of our 8 very different riders with the engineering behind the very effective Rohloff Speedhub, and if that wasn’t enough, we added a 36 volt 500 watt motor to achieve a great combination.  Between the riders and the added motor, they really worked the Rohloff Speedhub.  The hub withstood the rigours and abuse without any issues, and the resulting speed and performance was unmatched by the other trikes within our class or otherwise.  The Rohloff Speedhub is a great piece of engineering – very strong and very effective.  Watch the video and see for yourself …

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