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Warranty: Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14


The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 has been exclusively constructed for the bicycle drive.


Please, read the Rohloff Owners Manual first, before mounting and using the SPEEDHUB 500/14!

We guarantee a flawless and technical fault-free running of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 for a period of two years after date of purchase. Not included in the warranty is a normal amount of wear of all wearable parts. Wearable parts are those parts which are subject to an amount of wear due to their function.


Wearable parts are: hub seals, jockey wheels on the chain tensioner, sprockets, shifter cables (internal gear mech), grip rubber of the twist shifter, break discs.


Non-wearable parts are: encapsulated gear box bathed in oil, hub case and twist shifter housing (external gear mech).


Any warranty extinguishes with damages, which are caused by: accident, using of brutal force, changes of built of any kind, incorrect mounting, incorrect use, inadequate maintenance, taking apart the gear box into its components.


All wearable parts mentioned above generally are subject to wear. The amount of wear depends on maintenance, service, how the product is used and cared for (running performance, pressure, rain and snow rides, dirt, salt, etc.) With regular cleaning and oiling, using the appropriate means, the life span can be elongated. A replacement is definitely recommended, when the wear limit is reached.


To guarantee the safe function, these parts must be replaced as soon as they are no longer capable of performing correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to have a service check and oil-change made, at the owner's expense, once a year or after 5.000km by a professional bike workshop, who is obligated to check over all the workings of your bike regularly and to replace worn parts.


The service check is to be documented on the service card by this professional bike workshop. In case the owner does not take much care with it, any claims for replacement extinguish, which can be traced back to a neglected service check.


Within the context of warranty, it remains our choice to perform replacement or any other work on the product.


The warranty transaction takes place over the bicycle shop only. Please keep in mind the filled in service card has to be sent with the hub in case of warranty claims. With complete bikes, which are equipped with Rohloff products in series, the warranty transaction of Rohloff products is made directly between the bicycle dealer and the Rohloff AG.

The regular service check in accordance with our instructions secures the warranty entitlement and keeps the high value of your Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 in future.


If you believe you have a problem oil leak and need this repaired, either under warranty or not, please complete this form (click here) and email this back to PureSports or your local Rohloff bike shop.

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